Revell Model Set Queen Mary 2

Model Set Queen Mary 2

She is a superlative passenger ship. With 150,000 GRT, the Queen Mary 2 of the Cunard Line is the largest, longest (345 m), highest (at 72 m it is higher than the Statue of Liberty) and most magnificent passenger ship ever built. 14 stylishly luxuriously furnished passenger decks accommodate up to 2,620 passengers

In addition, another 1,253 crew are added. With its long and elegant hull and powerful drive (max 29 Kn), it was specially designed for transatlantic voyages, from Europe (Southampton, England) to North America (New York) in 6 days.

Revell Art.65808


 Aqua color paints, brushes and the glue are included.

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Technical Specification & Detail: 

Scale : 1:1200,  Level : 3 , Number of Parts : 45 , Length : 287 mm