Revell Model Set Bismarck

Model Set Bismarck

The Bismarck, the flagship of the German Navy, was next to the Tirpitz the largest German warship and had 50,900 tons of displacement and 2,092 crew. On 24.08.1940 put into service, she ran on 18.05.1941 to the Operation Rheinübung.

However, together with the Prince Eugen she was discovered early by the British air reconnaissance. When meeting with the Hood they were sunk on 24.05.1941 by the Bismarck.

Revell Art.65802


 Aqua color paints, brushes and the glue are included.

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Technical Specification & Detail: 

Scale : 1:1200,  Level : 3 , Number of Parts : 31 , Length : 200 mm